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Point-to-Point Flight: A $20 Billion Opportunity

According to UBS, point-to-point flight could be a $20 billion market by 2030. To create the reliability and safety needed to make point-to-point flight competitive with private airliners, the industry will need a new, innovative engine. Firehawk Aerospace’s 3D Ultra Hybrid Engine is ideal for powering point-to-point suborbital vehicles given its safety, economy, high-performance, ability to cluster, and its capabilities for quick refuel and takeoff.

For point-to-point flight, the propulsion system has to be absolutely reliable, safe, efficient, and have a consistent run-to-run thrust profile. Price and safety are two key reasons why liquid bi-propellant engines will not make for a sustainable point-to-point engine. However, Firehawk’s 3D Ultra Hybrid Engine meets all of the necessary specifications for such a system making point-to-point travel a viable market option for Firehawk Aerospace.


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