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New Hire: Director of Additive Manufacturing

Firehawk Aerospace has appointed Rick Neff as its new Director of Additive Manufacturing. Rick graduated from Lehigh University with a degree in engineering and has over 40 years of sales, marketing, and business development success. He is also responsible for the commercialization of a new category of large-scale 3D printing systems impacting the automotive, plastics and composite industries. This technology has received awards from CAMX, R&D 100, RAPID, JEC, Manny, and a Guinness World Record. Rick will lead Firehawk Aerospace’s fuel grain manufacturing processes and innovation. 

Additive manufacturing is a critical part of Firehawk Aerospace’s business considering its hybrid rocket engine is powered by the company’s patented 3D printed fuel grains, which

are comprised of a polymeric/metal fuel formulation.

Firehawk is excited to welcome Rick to the team and we look forward to utilizing his extensive knowledge to further innovate our 3D printing processes!


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