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Benefits Of A 3D-Ultra Hybrid Engine

3D-Ultra Hybrid Rocket Engine Advantages

1) Flawless, high quality fuel grains – high manufacturing repeatability (patent protected)

2) High regression rate using a volumetric efficient single port design (patent protected)

3) Unlimited scale potential – made possible by large-format, industrial scale additive manufacturing equipment

4) Long-term on-vehicle propellant storage and immediate use readiness - similar to an SRM

5) Minimal vibration and adverse harmonic buildup

6) Reliable deep-throttle capability

7) On-command engine shutdown and restart (proprietary multi-start ignition system)

8) Tailorable mission thrust profile performance

9) Non-cryogenic propellants – no turbopumps or heavy high-pressure oxidizer tankage

10) Safe to manufacture, store, transport, and operate (inert propellants)

11) Non-toxic, environmentally benign exhaust gases

12) Immunity to accidental detonation and explosion (Zero TNT equivalency)

13) Thrust/volume efficiency comparable to many SRM examples (patent protected)

14) Safe use of high-energetic nanocomposite Aluminum additives (patent protected)

15) Specific impulse in the low 320 sec. vac. achievable with N2O oxidizer - comparable to many liquid bi-propellant (LOx/RP-1) rocket engines (patent protected)

16) Reduced fuel residual (< 2%)

17) Improved combustion efficiency by generating persistent vortex flow within the combustion chamber which increases combustion residence time (patent protected)

18) Mechanical and fluid management simplicity - 1/10ththe part count of a comparable liquid bi-propellant rocket engine, no pre-burners or regenerative cooling required – all translates to fewer potential points of failure, higher reliability, and lower cost

19) Extensive use of robotic production equipment and methods – significantly reduced skilled labor content (patent protected)

20) Fast rocket engine development cycle time (typically less than 6 months)

21) Reusable, fast propellant reloading rocket engine designs (up to 100 cycles)


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